Louis Gaufridy:

Christophe Franco-RogelioTenor. Attractive Priest and perhaps knows it. He loves life, seeks the beauty in it, performing exorcisms as was normal at the time. There are rumors of his liaisons with women of the parish, notably the Lady de la Palud (Madeleine's mother).
Gaufridy is recorded by Christophe Franco-Rogelio
Country: France
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Madeleine de Demandolx:

Melissa FerlaakSoprano. The nun at the heart of the story. She is young, blonde, but emotionally unstable. She is of noble birth but put the convent due to instability of the mind. Vain, bipolar and manic.
Madeleine is recorded by Melissa Ferlaak
Country: USA
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Timur BekbosunovTenor. The only character of this time, gothic stylized interpreter of the action with the modern lens of psychology...guides the audience. He also steps into other characters such as the priest, the judge, the executioner, etc.
Narrator is recorded by Timur Bekbosunov
Country: USA
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Louise Capeau:

Kassandra NovellSoprano. Another younger nun at the convent, but older than Madeleine and jealous, but easily convinced. She claims purity, but has a bit of drama about her.
Louise is recorded by Kassandra Novell
Country: USA
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Inquisitor Michaelis:

Justin SpennerBaritone. The one to conduct the official exorcisms, conducts the trial, orders the torture and burning of Gaufridy. He is a well-known outspoken critic of the clergy of the time. He utilizes the convictions against Gaufridy for political motivations.
Michaelis is recorded by Justin Spenner
Country: USA
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Father Domptius:

Drake ChrisdensenTenor. Flemish exorcist, first called to perform the exorcisms on Madeleine and Louise, whose efforts failed. He called for Michaelis.
Domptius is recorded by Drake Chrisdensen
Country: Brazil
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Baritone. The resident exorcist of the parish where Madeleine is a nun.
Remillion is recorded by Drake Chrisdensen

Victim Priest:

Tenor. The next victim of Madeleine in the final scene.
Victim Priest is recorded by Drake Chrisdensen


The chorus permeates throughout the opera as a kind of instrumentation but also steps into roles of nuns, trial witnesses, crowd at the execution. At least ten women and ten men.